The villages of the region

During our stay, we visited, in bicycle, the village of Santa Lucia and the surroundings. To see where the Cubans live and work in the hotels of Santa Lucia. It is always good to discover the surroundings of your hotel.

Village of Santa Lucia

Located in the western sector, there are houses, snack bars, shops, grocery stores, gas station. There is a transportation service between hotels and the village.


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Village of « La Boca »

Located west of the hotels. It takes about half an hour by bike (it is even possible to go in coach!). The path is made of sand. It flows well and the landscape of the sea is magnificent.

In this village, we ate delicious lobster in a Cuban house. I cannot remember the name, because unfortunately I lost in the return flight my notebook. At the western end, there is a channel that boats take to get to the bay (bahia de Nuevitas). We can see Cayo Sabinal. A large island.


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Playa « El Coco »

Past the small village of La Boca (the mouth in Spanish), there is a beautiful beach. There are two restaurants, « Bocano » and « Bucanero ». The perfect place to cool after a long bike ride: o)

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