The excursions available at the hotels

There are a good choice of excursions offered by foreign and local tour operators. You are not required to buy your excursion from the tour operator you bought your travel package. Although it is recommended.

You can pay either in cash (CUC) or by credit card. Note that there is no ATM in Cayo Santa Maria and the price does not include gratuities for guide and driver.

Credit cards like VISA and MASTERCARD are accepted in Cuba but not those issued by U.S. bank (MBNA card owners must leave their cards at home!). The AMERICAN EXPRESS card is not accepted in Cuba.

The Cuban Convertible Peso value is now the equivalent to the USD currency. If you pay by credit card, the amount in CUC will be converted into USD plus 3% administration fee.

The dive center « International Diving Centre Shark's friends » offers packages. The cost per dive is 40 CUC (discount of 5 CUC for Nolitours customers).
(Thanks to Annie for sharing this information. January 2013)


Here is a list of the excursions ...
(Please note the photos and videos from our trip slightly differ from the program mentioned above)

Camaguey, colonial city

« Centuries of tradition and history are to be discovered in Cuba. Visit the 3rd largest city of Cuba and one of the oldest with its typical colonial architecture. Smell the aroma and try the Cuban rum and wine when visiting the Puerto Principe distillery. Camaguey the city of the churches and the city of the clay jars. This is a real museum in pure air; the legend says that who drinks the water of a clay jar comes back to the city. Camaguey is well known as the labyrinth city, designed like that by the Spanish to confuse pirates' and corsairs' attacks into it. Camaguey also bears the second largest painting collection and the second seat of the ballet in Cuba. This together with the outstanding personalities as poets (Nicolas Guillen), heroes (Ignacio Agramonte, the main hero of the city, who fought against the Spanish during the 19th century), singers, and ballet dancers, make the history of this beautiful city. Buy a souvenir in the boulevard shops during the time off to remind the time spent, the things done, the holidays and enjoy the warm of its people. To finish the day dance with the rhythm of the Cuban music where the band will play salsa and cha-cha-cha in the Trova House and relax with one drink in the terrace »

Weekday(s): Tuesday & Friday
Duration: 08H00 @ 18H00
Price: 45 CUC

Our photos
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Flamingo tour

« An amazing opportunity to sail on a boat and be in contact with colorful fish, pink flamingoes and iguanas, and who knows what more! Snorkeling also adds to the fun on the fantastic coral reef just a mile away. A wonderful day to sail on a boat and snorkel to see corals, fish of all kinds, also to see the biggest flamingo colony of the Caribbean. As the captain rings the horns flamingos fly around one another, the sail to visit the Islet Los Ballenatos to see and feed lots of Iguanas »

Weekday(s): Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Duration: 08H30 @ 16H30
Price: 53 CUC

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Seafari at Playa Bonita

« An unforgettable experience! Touch and experience the star fish; snorkel in the garden of the coral reef among glittering fish & corals. Relax, kick back & soak up the sunshine! Enjoy the sea air & open bar as you sail across the crystalline waters on a catamaran to Bonita Beach. Experience many different species of aquatic coral reef fish in the crystal clear waters »

Weekday(s): everyday
Duration: 09H00 @ 16H00
Price: 69 CUC

Coral Tour

« The unique way to see the wonders that the second largest coral barrier of the world has, with a diversity of colorful fish and corals. Ride on the Catamaran to snorkel for one hour in the coral barriers »

Weekday(s): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturdayi
Duration: 10H00 @ 13H30
Price: 25 CUC

Deep-sea fishing

« For those who like to try their luck in fishing this is the best opportunity! In Cuba there are 900 species of fish such as barracudas, tuna, snappers, groupers, marlins, and sharks, depends on the season »

Weekday(s): Everyday
Duration: 8H30 @ 12H30 and 13H00 @ 17H00
Price: 204 CUC
(price for the boat with 4 fishermen)

Sunset cruise

« For the romantics, in the bay of Nuevitas. Open bar, entertainment and pleasure on board »

More information to come.

Rancho King

« Visit a ranch with rodeo, horse riding, lunch with beverage included »

Weekday(s): Monday
Duration: 09H00 @ 14H00
Price: 31 CUC

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