Ultralight flight

A first experience for me. An ultralight flight! (Actually, I'm not sure if it is the official name for this type of device) This is a canoe style inflatable Zodiac equipped with a sail hang glider with a gas engine.

The tour is lasting about 15-20 minutes. We discover the hotels area of Playa Santa Lucia as well as the Coral reef.

For thrill-seeker! All you need is to wear a protective helmet and voila! It is quite noisy during takeoff, but muffled by the helmet. The pilot flies over the barrier reef as we can clearly see the distance from the beach of Santa Lucia and then provides an overview of the hotel zone. The price was 40 CUC. It was a nice experience!

A great opportunity to take photos or videos of Santa Lucia. However, you must hold your camera firmly. The pilot is asking for it before take off. You surely do not want to drop your camera nor hurt someone on the ground from a flying camera. It is a bit tough to stand still for videos but the result is impressive. Have a good flight!

INFO 2012 : Nous avons eu vent que cette activité n'aurait plus lieu à Santa Lucia. Une personne nous a rapporté que les amateurs de Kitesurfing ont découvert à Santa Lucia un endroit de prédilection pour ce type d'activité. Cayo Guillermo est bien connu à Cuba pour le kitesurfing. Visitez notre site www.cayoguillermocuba.net.


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